Rovio bought Futuremark

The creators of angry birds recently took under their wing the gaming division of a company well known for its series of popular graphics accelerator tests.

It is not specified how much Rovio acquired part of the team responsible for 3DMark, the most powerful benchmark that forces even the most powerful desktop systems to show slide shows. The purpose of the purchase also remains to be guessed.

It is quite possible that Rovio is finally going to launch its birds in real 3D. And the authors of the most powerful three-dimensional engine will be just right here.

However, considering that Rovio acquired Futuremark not entirely, but only the gaming division of the company, including games for mobile platforms (they have not only the Shattered Horizon space shooter in their portfolio, but also two mobile projects – Hungribles and Unstoppable Gorg), the deal can also be regarded as a simple takeover of a friendly team, which will continue its work under a more powerful brand.

Whether the cooperation between Rovio and Futuremark will affect 3DMark is not entirely clear yet. Jukka Mäkinen, executive director of Futuremark, said that the new version of the test, which will be released later this year, will allow you to compare the performance of various devices running on different operating systems. It can be assumed that in this way he hinted at the appearance of 3DMark 2012 on iOS and Android.

Source: Rovio

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