SEO in marketing (part three)

The final article is about optimizing the search and descriptions of mobile applications. In it you will learn something about working in such markets as Amazon Appstore, Vodafon AppSelect and V Cast Apps from Verizon. 

Essentially, the Android app markets don’t differ much from each other. Both there and there it is necessary to write clear, succinct text, post screenshots, come up with keywords. The difference lies in the seemingly insignificant details.

In other words, the situation with the differences between the Apple App Store and the Android Market, which we wrote about last time, is largely repeated here. The irony is that many markets made for the Google platform differ more from each other than these “sworn” competitors. 

1. Amazon Appstore

Unlike the Android Market, there is a special field for key tags. Places for them were not spared, allocating as many as 500 characters. The search is performed, as in the case of the Apple App Store, by tags and by name. 

As for the description, although it is necessary to work with it, but not as hard as in other markets. The fact is that Amazon employees check and edit them, adjusting them to the format of their market. 

Another plus (relative, but still) is that there is no need to prepare numerous localizations. Amazon Appstore supports English only. 

 2. Vodafone App Select

Android market of one of the largest European operators. A promising market for developers, opening the “door” to millions of loyal users.

Interestingly, in AppSelect there are as many as two necessary to fill in the description. Short – 280 characters, and full – 1000 characters. It is clear that all the accents, all the most “delicious” chips should be listed in the first. 

Also in the market there is a graph for tags. Despite the fact that its field allows you to enter a large number of words, we recommend limiting it to fifteen. Otherwise, Vodafone may “reject” your application. 

In addition, it is strictly not recommended, as in the case of the Apple App Store, to specify the name of other games or markets in the description and tag column. If you do, your application will not be released. 

Out of curious requirements: the link to the video should not lead to the project page in another market, where this video can be played. Let’s immediately get a direct link to YouTube (and only to it). 

3. V Cast Apps

Verizon, one of the two largest American carriers, also has its own Android app store. And it also requires two descriptions (for those who like to read and those who don’t). There is also a tag line, in which you can add up to 35 words. 

It is advisable to draw a banner for the feature and duplicate the description of the application in Spanish: a solid proportion of Verizon users speak Spanish. 

For the information provided about Android markets, App2Top expresses special gratitude to Irina Morozova, a specialist in the promotion of mobile applications from Nevosoft.

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