SEO in marketing (part two)

Continuation of the material devoted to the promotion of games using search engine optimization, work on the description of applications, as well as the correct submission of games in the App Store and Android Market. 

We remind you that it is SEO that allows the application to bring income both before entering the showcase and after its departure from there.

Descriptions for Android applications

Last time we finished on optimizing descriptions, but almost didn’t mention this process on the Android Market. However, it differs little from optimizing descriptions in iTunes.

There are two key features. 

First, tags must be inserted into the body of the description. It’s not just the lack of a special field for them, but also a more advanced search robot that is able to scan the entire page of the application, and not just a separate column. 

Secondly, since Android applications are usually released for several markets, it is customary to write several descriptions at once, because each of them has its own requirements for the text, but we will talk about this in more detail in the next article.   


It is clear that the pictures (as well as the videos, which are described below) cannot be attributed to SEO. However, they are extremely important, because they often play a major role in the decision to purchase or download an application.

The main advice is not to post “naked” pictures of the game. They are not informative. So it’s better to put additional art on them, for example, images of the main characters or monsters from the game. 

Quite often, the authors of mobile JRPGs do this, placing beautiful princes and brave nuns with large cutouts on the screenshots. 

The emphasis on characters also works great with the children’s audience, which partly intersects with the women’s (funny donkeys, cute squirrels, ooty mouse ways, and so on).

It is also advisable to write taglines on screenshots – catchy, enticing phrases that reveal the essence of the game.

Here, by the way, lies one of the disadvantages of the Android Market. Unlike the App Store, you can’t make your own images for each region in it. They are downloaded once and become relevant for all language zones: so you either have to abandon the taglines altogether, or write them in English.


On the other hand, the Android Market also has a huge advantage over the App Store, which developers need to use: videos. What is especially valuable, you do not need to upload them separately to the app store, it is enough to specify a link to YouTube. 

As for the execution, then, as in the case of the description, the videos should not be made long, revealing all the features of the project. It’s enough to cheerfully cut to good music with a demonstration of a couple of the main chips of the game. 

The main thing to remember is that trailers significantly increase the number of downloads. 


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