Profitability of iOS and Android applications on the example of cases (part two)

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 is another baseball simulator released last year on the iTunes App Store for $4.99 with In-App Purchase option. Subsequently, the price for the game dropped to $ 0.99.

 Android Market released 9 Innings later, and for free. This sales model contributed to the fact that AndroidMarket users were more willing to spend on In App Purchase.

Прибыльность приложений под iPhone и Android

Statistics show that Freemium applications are more successful in the Android Market than paid applications with the In AppPurchase service. However, iTunes App Store users are more supportive of paid apps.


  • Free In-App Purchase apps are successfully sold both in the Android Market and in the iTunes App Store.
  • Android users prefer not to pay for content, so free games are more successful here.
  • iOS users are willing to pay for content. They are also interested in the service  In App Purchase.
  • In order for the game to be successfully sold in both the Android Market and the Apple Appstore, the manufacturer should pay attention to the preferences of users of both platforms.

For comparison, we can recall the game Slice it!, which was released in a paid version on both platforms. Slice it! It received positive reviews from critics and, according to many analysts, became the most successful Com2uS game in the USA and in the West. Games like Slice it! puzzle do not require installation, which is why the game is selling so successfully despite the fixed price. However, if you are releasing a different kind of game, it would be more appropriate to wait for the profit from In App Purchase.

The In-App Purchase set of the Homerun Battle 3D game includes the purchase of bonuses and character leveling.  With the help of costumes such as DarkNinja, Gunslinger and DeMarini Voodoo, you can get bonuses and extra points. One of the most important advantages of the game is the active interaction of players, which is facilitated by “cartoon” graphics and interesting options.

In App Purchase for 9 Innings allows you to purchase special “cards” with which the user can receive bonuses for battles, pumping his team, etc.  The In App Purchase kit for 9 Innings: Baseball 2001 is very diverse and created specifically for fans of baseball simulators who are ready to invest their money and time in this game.

Three important points that mobile game manufacturers should pay attention to:

1) you need to understand the specifics of the mobile market and various consumer audiences (iPhone owners are willing to pay for content and In-App Purchase; Android users prefer Freemium games)

2) you should be clear about which consumer audience your game is designed for (is the game designed for advanced players? Do users need to interact with other players on the network?)

3) think over the content of your game so that it best meets the requirements of the consumer.

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