The share of Android in the US mobile market increased by 5.4%

Sales of Android phones in the United States increased by 5.4% and by the end of July amounted to 41.8%. 

According to comScore, 82.2 million users have already become smartphone owners in the United States, which is 10% more than in the previous three months.
The first place in the smartphone market is occupied by Google, followed by Apple with a share of 27%, which is 1% more than in the previous period. RIM’s share was 21.7%, Microsoft’s 5.7%, and Symbian’s 1.9%.
Samsung is the leader among smartphone manufacturers with a 25.5% share. LG is in second place, Motorola is in third, they have 20.9% and 14.1%, respectively.
Apple took the fourth place, its market share was 9.5%.
The top functions that phone owners used most often were also compiled. 70% actively sent messages, 41% used Internet access, while only 40.6% used downloaded applications, and 30.1% of users visited social networks.

Detailed data is presented in the tables:

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