AppQuantum has announced that it is ready to invest a million dollars in mobile game developers

The investment boom does not plan to end. Publisher AppQuantum has launched a business program for game developers. Participants can expect to receive investments of up to a million dollars.

The publisher even shares what types of cooperation within the framework of the transaction are possible:

  • investment in product development (full or partial coverage of studio expenses for its creation);
  • investing in a team (hiring, marketing);
  • investment in a product with subsequent conversion of the invested amount into a share in the studio;
  • investing in a product without converting into a share in the studio;
  • investment in the product both with and without subsequent publication;
  • exclusively edition of the finished product;
  • full absorption of the team while maintaining a share of the product’s profit;
  • purchase of service solutions for the team.

There is no specific name for the initiative. The company calls it Business Acceleration Program. The program is aimed at teams that are engaged in free-play casual and midcore games for mobile platforms.

At the moment, the publisher has allocated $10 million from its own funds as part of the first round of funding for teams. The company also announced its readiness to reserve another $20 million in the next round.

It’s not just about money,” they assure in AppQuantum. In addition to finance, the publisher is ready to help the program participants with building processes, marketing, analytics, as well as with solving legal issues.

According to the press release, AppQuantum has been engaged in investment activities since last year. Then the publisher supported several small projects. At the moment, he is taking this initiative to another level.

However, according to public activity, it has long been noticeable that AppQuantum is ready to invest in third-party titles. For example, this summer he held a competition for mobile game developers with a prize fund of $2.5 million.

By the way, AppQuantum itself is also an investment recipient. In February, it became known about the conclusion of a partnership agreement between him and Playrix. The size of the transaction was not specified either then or after.

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