Founders invested $75 million in mobile games

Today it became known about the attraction of $ 75 million to the company IMI.VC (In Mobile Investment), which invests in the field of mobile and social games.

The money was invested by Mikhail Vinchel, the founder of the Prospect investment company and one of the three founders Group. The second founder and current co-owner Mail.Ru Group Grigory Finger headed the company’s Board of Directors IMI.VC .

IMI company.VC was founded by Igor Matsanyuk in 2011 and specializes in investing in companies engaged in the development of mobile and social games. Her portfolio already includes Social Insight, , WeHeartPics, Gipis, Flow. 

“There are few funds in Russia, and it is difficult for Russian startups to attract investments at an early stage of development,” Matsanyuk comments on the deal. “My funds are not enough, so I decided to find partners.”

Presumably, these funds will primarily go to startups in which IMI.VC has invested before. But it is possible that IMI.VC will deal with new startups together with other Winchel investment companies.

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