Little Kitty, Big City hits 100k copies sold, huge success for former Valve designer Matt T. Wood and his new team

Little Kitty, Big City has found its place among many successful indie games released this year. Here is everything to know about the launch of Double Dagger Studio’s debut title.

Indie game Little Kitty, Big City hits 100k copies sold in just 48 hours

On May 11, Double Dagger Studio announced that Little Kitty, Big City had sold 100k units in just 48 hours. The team thanked players for their support, adding that “what better day to learn this news than Caturday.”

The game is available on PC, Xbox One/Series, and Nintendo Switch. However, it is unclear how sales are split between platforms.

Little Kitty, Big City is an exploration adventure game about a cat lost in a large city. It received positive reviews from critics, with an average Metascore ranging from 76 (Xbox) to 83 (Nintendo Switch).

The game also has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, with 94% of the 1,935 user reviews being positive. According to SteamDB, Little Kitty, Big City peaked at 3,028 concurrent players, which is a solid result for a small indie title that takes just a couple of hours to complete.

Double Dagger Studio, the team behind Little Kitty, Big City, was founded in 2019 by Matt T. Wood. He is a veteran game developer, who started his career in the late 90s. He worked at 3D Realms on Duke Nukem Forever and Remedy’s Max Payne before joining Valve in 2003.

According to his official website, Wood’s portfolio includes games such as Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, Portal 2, and CS:GO. For example, he was a level designer on HL2 and its two episodes, building the tools and systems used to create the games’ interactive cut scenes. Wood also helped create the Survival and Scavenge multiplayer modes for Left 4 Dead 2 and worked on CS:GO for over six years, serving as a game designer, US designer, and gameplay programmer.

So moving from AAA production to making a cozy adventure with a small remote team was definitely an interesting career shift.

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