Hades II beat the first part online on Steam by a wide margin

On the evening of May 6, Hades II was released in early access on Steam and Epic Games Store (EGS). It is not known how things are in EGS, but thanks to analytical services, the situation in Steam is clear. There, the game has already attracted twice as many simultaneous players as the first Hades.

Hades II

According to SteamDB, a few hours after the launch, the number of simultaneous players in the Steam version of Hades II reached 79,276 people. The first Hades has a much lower peak online on Steam — 37,749 people.

The dynamics of Hades II online on Steam

To be fair, it's worth noting that the first Hades was an EGS exclusive for a long time. It appeared on EGS in December 2018 (also in early access format), and reached Steam only a year later.

Judging by the ratings on Steam, the sequel was liked by the players. At the time of writing the news, users of the site had left 4.5 thousand reviews on Hades II, of which 98% were positive.

Hades II is expected to exit early access at best in late 2024. The exact release date is still unknown.

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