The Games Fund has invested more than a million dollars in the predictive analytics service Mad Curve

It became known about a new player in the data analysis market — the Mad Curve company. It is founded by people from MY.GAMES and 101XP. The startup managed to launch the service of the same name in a test mode and attract $ 1.15 million from The Games Fund.

The killer feature of the service, judging by the positioning, is the ability to provide a revenue forecast without installing the SDK. Representatives of Mad Curve assure that he can do it even on the basis of a CSV file.

According to the press release, the analytical platform, which is primarily focused on video game developers and publishers, is also capable of:

  • collect data from any sources (from trackers, advertising mediation, advertising traffic sources, stores);
  • unify all this data;
  • build revenue forecasts (it’s not just about revenue from in-game purchases, but also from subscriptions and even advertising);
  • calculate all the key metrics and output them to convenient reports (what kind of “key metrics”, however, is not specified).

Both on the website and in the text of the announcement, it is separately emphasized that the service will allow you to share access to your account with investors and credit organizations in the future. They say, thanks to Mad Curve, it will become easier to “raise” funds.

Now the company employs 12 people. Its head office is located in Cyprus, and the development is concentrated in Armenia. The team plans to spend the capital received from The Games Fund to increase the staff.

Mad Curve was founded by Nikita Okan (by the way, on our pages you can find his great guide for buying traffic on Facebook), former Head of UA at My.Games, Denis Nistratov, former CTO at 101XP, Dmitry Plokhov, former producer of My.Games, and Madiyar Khamzanov, former Head of Data at Science Forte Bank.

The Games Fund believes in the service very much. “Mad Curve is really useful for business. We are confident that it will become a popular tool for developers,” says Maria Kochmola, co—founder and managing partner of the fund.

By the way, for the latter, this is currently the third public investment in a year. In January, The Games Fund announced support for the studio for the development of 4X strategies Made on Earth Games, and in June invested in the company Hypemasters.

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