InvestGame has published a database with funds that invest in the gaming industry

InvestGame analysts decided to help game developers, as well as esports and Web3 companies with the search for financing. They have posted a table with specialized funds in the public domain.

"Over the past three years, we have tried to close the gap between investors and game studios by promoting a culture of transparency and shared success. Aware of the current challenges of our industry, we are more determined than ever to make a positive contribution to its growth and development. Our new initiative is a step towards achieving this goal, to promote constructive partnerships for the benefit of the future of the gaming industry," the analysts wrote in the announcement.

The database contains the following information:

  • the name of the foundation and a link to its official website;
  • in which region and in which country is the foundation's headquarters located;
  • Fund type: venture investor, private investor, accelerator, etc.;
  • which companies are the foundation interested in;
  • in which regions does he invest;
  • preferred types of transactions: early/late stage investment, share purchase, etc.

A table with funds compiled by InvestGame

There are now more than 60 funds in the InvestGame database. It has contacts of investors such as a16z (aka Andreessen Horowitz), BITKRAFT Ventures, GEM Capital, Griffin Gaming Partners, Hiro Capital, Mika Games, London Venture Partners, The Games Fund and WePlay Ventures.

Analysts plan to increase the list over time. For example, they want to add funds that do not specialize in the gaming industry, but periodically invest money in it. InvestGame is also going to provide more information about funds in the table, including information about recent transactions.

The database is located here.

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