Epic Games received $1.5 billion investment from Disney

Disney Corporation announced the purchase of a stake in Epic Games for $ 1.5 billion. Together, the companies want to create a "new universe of games and entertainment" within Fortnite.

It is reported that in this universe, Fortnite users will be able to interact with content created based on the Disney franchises. For example, Marvel, "Star Wars", "Avatar" and Pixar studio projects.

Fortnite users will be given the opportunity not only to play exclusive games, but also to make purchases, as well as watch some content. The companies have not yet shared details, but it is possible that Fortnite will have platforms for watching Disney+ series and movies or ESPN sports broadcasts.

In addition, players will be able to create their own stories based on Disney franchises and share them with each other.

It is not known what share Disney acquired in Epic Games. The deal has not been closed yet and is currently awaiting regulatory approval.

According to Disney, the deal with Epic Games will be its "largest entry into the video game industry." The corporation expects that the partnership will open up significant opportunities for growth and expansion, as well as strengthen its relationship with Epic Games. Recall that the companies have been cooperating for several years. In particular, the Unreal Engine developed by Epic Games is used to work with graphics in Disney cartoons and movies.

The deal between Disney and Epic Games is reminiscent of the deal Epic Games struck with Sony and KIRKBI, the parent company of the LEGO Group, in 2022. Then Sony and KIRKBI invested $1 billion each in Epic Games. Thanks to this, at the end of last year, Fortnite introduced the LEGO Fortnite game mode with its own map and stylized characters. The mode turned out to be extremely popular. According to the tracker data Fortnite.gg , at its peak, 2.4 million people were in it at the same time.

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