WolfEye Studios partners with VC fund Galaxy Interactive to remain independent and create "ambitious new IP"

Raphael Colantonio is working on a new game, his second after leaving Arkane. The title is said to be more ambitious thanks to a new partnership between WolfEye Studios and Galaxy Interactive.

WolfEye Studios partners with VC fund Galaxy Interactive

WolfEye Studios and Galaxy Interactive announced a partnership on May 11. Terms of the deal and its financial details remain undisclosed.

According to the studio’s CEO Julien Roby, this partnership will allow the team to maintain their independence while also getting “get more ambitious with our next game.”

WolfEye will use this deal to increase its headcount and develop a prototype for an “ambitious new IP.”

“I value working with investors who are as passionate and knowledgeable about games as Galaxy Interactive,” Colantonio said in a statement. “Making games requires extraordinary effort and talent from all sides of the equation.”

Galaxy Interactive is a VC fund that invests in video games and other areas of the interactive industry. Given the large number of Web3 projects in its portfolio, some users asked Colantonio on Twitter whether WolfEye Studios will add NFT or blockchain technologies to its new game.

“It’s not where my passion is,” he wrote, adding in another reply that “I have zero interest in NFT’s in games or [Web3] in games.”

It is hard to say what the next WolfEye game will be about other than it won’t be a sequel to Weird West, the studio’s debut title released last year.

A few months ago, Colantonio asked his followers whether the new title should be first-person, also claiming “Immersive sims until I die.” So it is safe to assume that his next project will incorporate the core values of the genre and Arkane Studios, a company he founded in 1999.

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