Zynga acquired a new studio for $20 million

Despite numerous problems, Zynga continues to buy up assets of interest to it. This time, the “victim” was the California studio A Bit Lucky, which released two sims on Facebook: Lucky Train and Lucky Space. 

It is already known that A Bit Lucky will join the existing division in San Francisco, diluting Zynga’s social portfolio with its “mid-core” games.

When we talk about mid-core, we mean a deeper, richer gaming experience that will interest a wide range of players, not just hardcore players,” Bill Jackson, one of the managers of Zynga, explained to Gamasutra. 

And just the acquisition of A Bit Lucky, according to the company’s management, will contribute to the acquisition of both the broad masses and a narrower, but no less important group of avid gamers. 

The recent release of the adventure epic Horn from Phosphor Games fits well into the Zynga’s stated strategy for switching to mid-core rails.     

As for A Bit Lucky, she recently closed both of her social projects released by her in order to focus on working on the mysterious Solstice Arena project, being developed on Unity for tablets, PC and Mac.

Zynga acquired it for $20 million.

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