$4 billion has been invested in the mobile industry for six months

According to analysts from the investment bank Rutberg & Co, mobile applications in the first half of 2012 became the most attractive area for investments by venture capitalists. Of the $3.9 billion invested in mobile companies in the world during this time, about $1 billion, that is, about a quarter, fell on them.

It should be noted that the largest number of transactions was recorded in the mobile software sector. Of the 479 deals in the mobile business concluded during the first half of 2012, the share of application developers accounted for 166 (i.e. 35%). However, if we talk about the amounts of specific investments, then in the top ten there are mainly companies engaged in hardware and infrastructure of mobile communication providers. The highest step in the ranking of the largest investments among mobile projects was taken by Evernote (seventh position), which received $ 70 million in May this year. 

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