Merge Mansion was allowed to be released in China, as well as one of the last games of the Playkot studio

The National Press and Publications Administration of China (NPPA) has issued licenses for the release of 27 foreign games in the country. The list of approved games included, among others, Merge Mansion from Metacore and Spring Valley from Playkot.

The global release of Merge Mansion took place in September 2020. Since then, according to the AppMagic service, the game has earned $171.9 million on IAP and collected 34.8 million downloads.

As for Spring Valley, its global release took place last May. Since then, the game, according to the analytical service, has earned around $4.2 million with IAP. Her downloads reached 4 million.

Recall that the NPPA again began issuing licenses to games from foreign developers in December 2022. Before that, it had not allowed foreign games to enter the Chinese market for a year and a half.


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