Indie horror DON'T SCREAM earned over $900,000 in two weeks

On October 27, two indie developers Joe Henson and Joure Visser released the horror DON'T SCREAM for early access on Steam. In a conversation with gaming expert Simon Carless, they talked about the success of the game.

DON'T SCREAM is a small 18—minute game set in the mysterious Pineview Forest. Gamers should try not to scream once during the passage, otherwise the game will start over.

The authors of DON'T SCREAM announced their project on October 13. By the 27th, the game had collected over 130 thousand vishlist. Now she has 267 thousand vishlists on her account.

▫️Since the release of early access, DON'T SCREAM has brought developers $928 thousand in gross revenue.

▫️Sales of the game — 126.6 thousand copies. The percentage of refunds is 29.1%.

The first 40 thousand copies were sold in 24 hours, a week later sales exceeded 100 thousand copies.

▫️The most sales came from the USA (24%), Russia (10%), Germany (9%), Japan (9%) and Argentina (5%).

▫️26.27% of the traffic to the DON'T SCREAM page was obtained thanks to offers in the Steam search. Another 25.78% of the traffic is due to getting into the Steam Discovery Queue.

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