Salaries in the Mobile app industry

The revenues of mobile app developers are three times higher than the revenue from the total sales of these applications. We are talking about the income of companies that create custom applications. Salaries differ significantly from region to region, although in Russia and India they are about the same level.

The volume of the global mobile development market at the end of 2011 reached a volume of $ 20.5 billion, thereby overtaking the application market with its $ 6.8 billion three times, – says the marketing agency research2guidance.

Application development costs include salaries of artists, designers, programmers, coders, testers, application development and sales managers. The highest salaries are in the “classic” segments of development: art, design and programming.

The cost of development varies greatly from region to region. In the UK, for example, a developer receives, on average, $ 626 per day, and in India $ 138. For comparison, in Russian capitals, a programmer writing mobile applications, on average, receives $ 130 a day. But according to Ralf-Gordon Jahns, one of the founders of research2guidance, customers should not focus solely on cost: the price difference may be leveled due to possible communication problems, and the product may cost more as a result.

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