AppQuantum takes employees out of Russia and is going to open offices in Armenia and Kazakhstan

The publisher of mobile games AppQuantum has announced its complete withdrawal from Russia. In this regard, he expanded the relocation program for those employees who have not yet left the country.

According to the updated program, employees will continue to work in the company either from the Cyprus office or from offices that will be opened in Armenia and Kazakhstan.

Those employees who decide to leave for a country where there is no AppQuantum office will be able to continue working in the company in a remote format.

The publisher also said that there were no law firms affiliated with him on the territory of Russia.

The company does not openly talk about the reasons for leaving. They only clarify that now the safety of employees is a priority for AppQuantum.

By the way, the publisher stopped promoting its games in Russia on February 24.

AppQuantum is one of the few gaming companies that have officially announced the complete departure from the country and the relocation of personnel.

The news came just a week after information appeared about the closure of all Russian offices by Playrix, which acted as an investor in AppQuantum a year ago.

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