Indie studio Triple Topping fired all employees after declaring bankruptcy

Another sad news in a series of reports of mass layoffs. The Danish indie team Triple Topping is closing four years after its founding.

According to Astrid Refstrup, co-founder of the studio, the company was declared bankrupt, as a result of which the entire staff was dissolved.

"Managing a studio is a privilege, and a leadership position is a huge responsibility, and last year I was unable to meet the necessary criteria without consequences for the team I headed," said Refstrup.

Triple Topping, which calls itself a "feminist gaming company," was founded in 2017. The studio has managed to release several projects, including the storyline adventure game Welcome to Elk and the Ynglet music platformer. Recently, the team has been working on Dead Pets Unleashed, a narrative title about an aspiring punk band with an emphasis on various mini-games.

Despite the closure, Refstrup has plans for the future of all the studio's games, so it is possible that Dead Pets Unleashed will eventually be released in 2024.

She also shared a table with a list of employees who were out of work. A similar gesture was recently made by the League of Geeks studio, which was forced to lay off 50% of the staff due to low sales of Jumplight Odyssey and lack of funding.

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