The parent company of 505 Games will lay off almost a third of its employees

Digital Bros has announced plans to cut 30% of its staff, or about 130 people. The company decided to change its business strategy and reorganize its publishing divisions and development studios.

It is not specified which teams will be affected. Digital Bros noted only that the layoffs will mainly affect studios. The "daughters" of Digital Bros include publisher 505 Games, studios Kunos Simulazioni (Assetto Corsa), DR Studios (Monopoly Tycoon) and Infinity Plus Two (Puzzle Quest).

As part of the revised business strategy, Digital Bros will release new big-budget titles less frequently. She wants to focus on working on sequels and updated versions of well-established games.

"After the pandemic, the gaming market has changed. He has become more picky about new games," explained Digital Bros. "Consumers are increasingly returning to familiar IP addresses and playing the same games for a long time."

Digital Bros Announcement of Cuts
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