Vacancies of the week: ZiMAD, Funky Monkey Studio and ExoGenesis are looking for employees

We are publishing a new list with gaming vacancies. This week they are wanted: a game analyst at ZiMAD, a Unity developer at Funky Monkey Studio and a 2D concept environment artist at ExoGenesis.

The selection was prepared by Marina Lopatina, Director of Business Development of Talents In Games. Recall that this is a job search service and a recruitment agency.

Marina LopatinaGame Analyst at ZiMAD (Remote work)

ZiMAD is a company engaged in mobile games since 2009.

On her account, such games as Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, Dig Out!, My Museum Story and Magic Cross Stitch. Together, these and other ZiMAD mobile titles have collected over 200 million downloads.


  • implement analytics tools in game projects;
  • track key project metrics;
  • confirm or refute hypotheses of project teams with data;
  • conduct analytical studies aimed at identifying weaknesses of the project, as well as finding opportunities to improve performance;
  • conduct A/B testing;
  • turn data about player actions into specific recommendations;
  • work closely with the team: developers, game designers, QA, artists, product managers;
  • create analytical reports.


  • experience working with analytics in games, services or applications;
  • experience working with analytical tools and services (Redash, Infinario, Dev2Dev, MixPanel and the like);
  • the ability and desire to present the results obtained in a form understandable to most;
  • the ability and desire to competently compile reports and visualize information;
  • confident knowledge of mathematical statistics and probability theory;
  • ability to write SQL queries quickly and efficiently.

Magic Jigsaw PuzzlesUnity-developer in Funky Monkey Studio (Remote work)

Funky Monkey Studio is a mobile game development studio that opened in 2017.

At the moment, she is developing two projects:

  • Hattori: Battle Clash is an online PvP 3D MMORPG battle in a fantasy setting;
  • Monkeys is a mix of match-3 and tetris. The meta of the game is tied to the customization of the character.


  • participation in the evaluation and prioritization of project tasks;
  • drawing up a project roadmap for tasks related to development;
  • development and support of the game Monkeys.


  • excellent knowledge of C#;
  • at least three years of commercial development experience on Unity;
  • excellent knowledge of the ECS concept and the availability of released projects using it. Any of the popular frameworks will do: Entitas, UECS, LeoEcs;
  • experience with DOTS;
  • the ability to build a project architecture that is resistant to changes;
  • confident ownership of GIT (GitHub Flow);
  • experience in releasing projects to Android or iOS mobile platforms;
  • experience in integrating external SDKs (analytics, advertising).

2D concept environment artist in ExoGenesis (Remote Work)ExoGenesis is a young game studio developing console and PC games.

She is currently working on a 2D metroidvania in a dark setting inspired by the Ori and Hollow Knight series.


  • creating concept art environments with an emphasis on atmosphere and materials;
  • creating detailed concepts of parts of the environment;
  • creating concepts of props and structures;
  • final rendering of graphic content;
  • ability to work on time.


  • portfolio with fresh works;
  • experience in Photoshop;
  • ability to work with light, silhouette and physics of materials;
  • skill in the design of props, architecture, flora and technological elements;
  • owning a 3D package will be a plus.
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