Vacancies of the week: employees are looking for Dankolab, Craft Games and ExoGenesis

We are publishing a new list with gaming vacancies. This week they are wanted: a product analyst at Dankolab, a game producer at Craft Games and a VFX artist at ExoGenesis.

The selection was prepared by Marina Lopatina, Director of Business Development of Talents In Games. Recall that this is a job search service and a recruitment agency.

Marina LopatinaProduct Analyst at Dankolab (Remote work)

Dankolab is a studio that has been developing mobile games and applications for over 10 years.

She has more than 100 projects for iOS and Android on her account. The studio needs a product analyst.


  • conduct product analytics: monitor the purity of data at the input, track and solve errors with the development team, offer optimizations to the data pipeline;
  • participate together with game designers in the development, prioritization and evaluation of future features;
  • explore the economics of the game and the behavior of players, calculate game updates, promotions and events;
  • analyze A/B tests;
  • participate in the automation of standard queries and uploads for visualization.


  • experience in product analytics of mobile games;
  • knowledge of probability theory and mathematical statistics;
  • experience using Python and SQL for data analysis;
  • deep understanding of the principles of monetization of fritupley projects;
  • experience with BI will be a plus.

Interior StoryGame Producer at Craft Games (Remote work)

Craft Games is a studio specializing in the development of mobile games.

She has worked on projects such as Polygon Shooter, Tasty World and Hell’s Cooking.

Now Craft Games is looking for a game producer to work on a mobile time manager in a culinary setting.


  • formation of a general project plan, analysis of trends and competitors’ projects;
  • long-term and operational planning of project development;
  • working with project analytics to improve key metrics;
  • pricing development, project feature planning;
  • development of the effectiveness of game design processes on the project.


  • experience as a producer or a leading game designer for more than three years;
  • understanding how the free-play games market works, knowledge of current gaming trends;
  • experience working with analytics, including user reviews;
  • experience with balance and game mechanics;
  • ability to set goals and focus on the result of work;
  • the ability to clearly formulate and express your thoughts.

Hell’s CookingVFX-Artist in ExoGenesis (Remote Work)

ExoGenesis is a young studio dealing with console and PC games.

She is currently developing a metroidvania in a dark setting inspired by the Ori and Hollow Knight series. The studio is in search of a VFX artist.


  • creating artistic 2D effects from scratch for both the characters and the environment of the game;
  • interaction with art and design departments;
  • collaboration with technical artists and programmers on the VFX toolkit.


  • work experience of a year, preferably on released projects;
  • skills of creating frame-by-frame sequences;
  • confident mastery of Unity and Adobe Photoshop;
  • availability of a portfolio with works on effects;
  • understanding the artistic aspects that affect the art part of the effects;
  • ability to interact with a team of game designers, artists, programmers;
  • the skill of creating quick drafts to demonstrate an idea.
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