Cyprus game studio Dragon Machines announced the reduction of 30% of employees

The difficult times for gaming companies continue. And they affect even very young studios. Today it became known about the cuts in the Dragon Machines team. She lost a little more than a quarter of the staff.

In addition, the company has suspended work on two of its three products. It is not reported which games were closed. However, on the official Dragon Machines website you can find information about her work on:

  • Mount Royale — mobile MOBA with multiplayer for 16 people;
  • PawBall is a mobile variation on the theme of football in a fantastic setting.

Now it is being said that the studio plans to focus its resources and efforts on the remaining projects.

Dragon Machines was founded in 2022. This year she had plans to bring two projects to softlonch. Whether it will have at least one preliminary launch this year is unclear.

The closure became known thanks to Nexters. Its co-founder, Boris Herzovsky, oversaw Dragon Machines. He also revealed the reasons for the cuts taking place in the studio.

The fact is that among the “focus tasks” that Dragon Machines previously faced, there was also the training and development of those teams that mainly consist of entry-level and intermediate-level specialists.

We made a mistake when we wanted to simultaneously train teams in an accelerated mode and show results at the level of super-professional, advanced teams. We expected quick results in several directions at once. This led us to a lack of focus, which is especially painful in conditions of restrictions,” explained Herzovsky.

Together with the structure, the company will review its focuses and priorities.

As for employees who have lost their jobs, they will receive: payment for days worked, payment of two additional salaries, compensation for unused vacation days, the possibility of buying out working equipment at a reduced cost, immigration support (now employees are in Cyprus and Armenia) and career support (recommendations and assistance from HR specialists).

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