Vacancies of the week: Funky Monkey Studio, Hypercell Games and WN Media Group are looking for employees

We are publishing a new list with gaming vacancies. This week, they are wanted: a game designer at Funky Monkey Studio, a data analyst at Hypercell Games and a newsman for a blockchain project at WN Media Group.

I have prepared a selection Marina Lopatina, Director of Business Development Talents In Games. Recall that this is a job search service and a recruitment agency.

Marina LopatinaGame Designer in Funky Monkey Studio (Remote work)

Funky Monkey Studio is a mobile game development studio.

It has been in existence since 2017. At the moment , he is developing two projects:

  • Hattori: Battle Clash is an online PvP 3D MMORPG battle in a fantasy setting;
  • Monkeys” is a mix of match-3 and tetris. The meta of the game is tied to the customization of the character.


  • formation and refactoring of a design document;
  • participation in the work on the roadmap;
  • event scheduling;
  • project analytics;
  • working out the balance of bots and player progression.


  • experience in developing casual frituplay games;
  • experience in writing design documents;
  • experience in working with metrics;
  • affectation in casual games.

Logo of Funky Monkey StudioData Analyst in Hypercell Games (Remote work)

Hypercell Games is a hyper-casual and casual games development studio.

Located in Riga.

The studio highlights the following among its projects: Sand Balls, Garden Balls and Run&Gun.


  • control over the main metrics and prompt response to their changes;
  • search for project growth points;
  • formulation of hypotheses for product improvement;
  • formation of technical specifications for conducting A/B tests, evaluation of their results;
  • analysis of hypotheses, tests and introduced features;
  • analysis of key indicators, project balance and user behavior;
  • quality control of the collected data.


  • at least two years of experience as an analyst in the gaming industry;
  • confident SQL proficiency (the company uses ClickHouse);
  • higher specialized education (mathematics, statistics);
  • understanding the main metrics and their impact on the product;
  • confident command of Python (Pandas).

Sand BallsNews source for the blockchain project (WN GameFi) at WN Media Group (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The WN Media Group company organizes conferences and develops services focused on gaming companies.

She recently launched the WN GameFi project. This is a news site about blockchain game development, working with NFT and play-to-earn mechanics.


  • search for information guides;
  • write news in English;
  • check the received facts and data;
  • design and publish materials.


  • understanding blockchain, NFT and play-to-earn;
  • English at Advanced level;
  • media experience;
  • responsibility, ability to work quickly and accurately with large amounts of information.
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