Warcraft Rumble hits $3.4 million in revenue in less than week since its global launch

On November 2, Blizzard Entertainment released its mobile strategy title Warcraft Rumble. Let’s take a look at its revenue and other metrics during the first week of its global launch.

Warcraft Rumble hits $3.4 million in revenue in six days

  • According to AppMagic, Warcraft Rumble has generated over $3.4 million on iOS and Android since November 2. This is revenue from in-app purchases reduced by platform fees and inclusive taxes.
  • Nearly half of revenue, or $1.66 million, came from the US, followed by Germany (8%), Taiwan (5.6%), South Korea (5.5%), and France (4.7%).
  • Since its global launch, Warcraft Rumble has reached 2.56 million downloads globally.
  • The US is the number one country by installs, accounting for 25% of the total. It is followed by France (7.3%), Germany (7.2%), Brazil (5.8%), and South Korea (4.6%).
  • The game currently has an RpD (revenue per download) of $1.48.

Warcraft Rumble’s global revenue

  • It is worth noting that Warcraft Rumble spent over a year in soft launch (since August 9, 2023), being available to users in a limited number of regions like Canada, Australia, and Sweden. If we take this period into account, the game’s lifetime revenue would be $4.34 million with 2.93 million downloads.

Officially announced in May 2022 and initially titled Warcraft Arclight Rumble, it is Blizzard’s take on Supercell’s successful mobile RTS / tower rush game Clash Royale. This is also the studio’s third mobile title to make it to a global launch, joining Hearthstone and Diablo Immortal.

The latter came out last year, generating $14.5 million in its first week on iOS and Android. As of June 2023, its lifetime revenue surpassed $525 million, making it one of the fastest mobile titles to cross the $500 million milestone.

Unlike Diablo Immortal, which was created in collaboration with Chinese tech giant NetEase, Warcraft Rumble was fully developed by Blizzard’s dedicated Incubation team.

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