43% of revenue from the mobile market goes into Apple's pocket

Samsung delivered 50 million smartphones in the second quarter, which is twice as much as Apple sold in the same quarter. Moreover, according to IDC, this is generally a record number of devices ever shipped in the world by any vendor. But does it make sense?

Turns out, no. 

Since it is worth looking at the mobile industry as a whole, it turns out that Apple, thanks to the gross profit from the iPhone and iPad, has overtaken competitors, including Samsung, both in terms of profit and operating income. 

If Apple accounted for only 6% of the global smartphone and tablet market in terms of shipments, then it accounted for 43% of the entire market in terms of revenue, analysts at Raymond James say. Moreover, Apple generated an impressive 77% of industrial operating profit in the last quarter. And this is in the traditionally weak sales season for iPhone devices. 

So while Samsung is twice ahead of the Apple company in terms of the number of devices on the shelves, the financial victory of the Koreans over the Cupertinos is still very, very far away. And let Samsung be the king of the mobile industry today, but Apple is ahead of it in the most important thing, in profit.

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