iPad Mini Sales Forecasts

Analysts decided to back up rumors about the characteristics of the iPad Mini with forecasts of possible profits from the device.

According to Amit Daryanani, an analyst at RBC Capital, the release of the iPad Mini will allow Apple to maintain its leading position in the tablet market by laconically inserting the device into the overall product line.

RBC Capital Markets estimates that in 12 months from the start of sales of the device, about 40 million devices will be sold (which is almost equal to half of the iPads sold since March 31, 2012). Such indicators should bring Apple an income of $ 10 billion.

At the same time, a novelty with a 7.85-inch display and a minimum memory capacity of 8 GB should become a niche product, reaching target users who are ready to buy a product at an average price category. Thus, the iPad Mini will be able to become a serious competitor to other tablets in the market of inexpensive devices.

It is worth recalling that Steve Jobs himself in 2010 refused the offer of Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president, to release a “mini version” of the iPad to the market, but a year later changed his mind after analyzing the potential of the device. This became known from the personal correspondence of the leaders. Now the iPad Mini, about which there are already a lot of rumors, has lost one of the main provocative arguments against.

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