Apple earned $39.2 billion in the quarter

Kupertinovtsy reported for its second fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2012. At the same time, they reported exactly how many Apple devices were sold over the past three months.

Moreover, it is not possible to focus attention in the report on one thing. All the figures presented by Apple are striking in their scale.

So, the company’s revenue amounted to $39.2 billion in the period from January to March inclusive, of which $11.6 billion was net profit. This is significantly more than Apple earned last year over the same period. Recall that at that time its profit amounted to a slightly less impressive $24.7 billion, of which $6 billion was “clean”.

This impressive growth was largely due to the excellent sales of the iPhone and iPad. In just three months, Apple sold 35.1 million smartphones, showing an 88% increase in sales compared to the same three months last year. iPad sales in this quarter were no less impressive: 11.8 million devices sold (an increase of 151%).

But iPod sales fell by 15%: in this quarter, Apple sold “only” 7.7 million such devices.

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