iPhone leads sales in the UK

43% of all smartphones sold in the UK in October were iPhones, according to research by Kantar Worldplanet. For comparison, Android phones took only 35% of sales. However, the total number of Android devices in England is still ahead of the iPhone.

Earlier this month, Google announced that 550 thousand users log in daily (500 thousand accounts were activated in June, and 400 thousand users in May). In the US, Android has not yet been surpassed: it has surpassed Apple both in terms of sales and app downloads. According to the latest Nielsen report, 43% of the smartphone market belongs to the USA.

However, at the moment (the period of preparation for Christmas and New Year), the iPhone is at the peak of popularity in several countries, including the USA and the UK. Most analysts believe that Apple will retain its leadership until the end of the year. Moreover, many believe that 2011 was the best year for the iPhone and this success will continue in 2012.

At the same time, a survey conducted by GoodMobilePhones in the UK showed that 22% of those who bought an iPhone regret it somewhat. 1,694 Britons over the age of 18 were interviewed and asked if they were satisfied with buying an iPhone. 43% of them are jealous of competitor smartphones. 25% would like the iPhone battery to last longer, and 13% do not really like the lack of a keyboard (apparently, these are those who switched to the iPhone from keyboard phones). 8% have problems with email, and 5% are dissatisfied with the functionality.

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