Android does not make a profit

In the September financial report, Google did not even mention Android, which allows us to conclude how little the project brings. It was said about it only in conjunction with other products (YouTube and Chrome) in the context of the fact that they all “demonstrate high consumer success.”

In general, the figures announced by Google indicate that there are no revenue volumes that could be seriously discussed outside the business of advertisements. Of the $9.72 billion in revenue, 69% is revenue from the activities of its own websites, another 27% is from the AdSense affiliate program.

Apparently, Google is looking towards the mobile advertising and paid web search market. He has his own AdMob program, but so far, apparently, the income in the mobile market comes from paid search services, and not from advertising.

A year ago, Steve Jobs said that the transition from desktop computers to mobile devices also affected user behavior. Mobile users are now more likely to use special applications for each specific case, instead of searching for what they need through the browser.

Even for Apple with its “all-in-house” business model, mobile advertising, including the iAd application, is still an alternative way to profit from third-party software developers. Although the program is constantly expanding, it is still clearly subsidized from sales of basic products.

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