In Australia, Android surpassed the iPhone in terms of sales for the first time

Google’s Android mobile operating system has surpassed Apple’s iPhone in terms of sales for the first time. Over the past 4 months, sales of Android-based smartphones have amounted to 54% with the share of the iPhone at 29%.

Apparently, following the Europeans and Americans, the Australians liked the variety of devices running on Android, including a large price range.

However, experts suggest that this situation does not necessarily indicate a decrease in demand for the iPhone. Probably, users are postponing its purchase, waiting for the release of a new version of the iPhone 5, scheduled for October this year.

Apple’s lawsuits against HTC and Samsung may also negatively affect the Android market share. Apple has already managed to ban the import of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 to Australia. Apple is also likely to release a less expensive iPhone, thus pushing mobile devices in the lower and middle price categories.

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