Capcom ready to deliver 7th consecutive year of record-high profits amid strong sales of Dragon's Dogma II and back catalog games

Capcom has revised its outlook for the full-year ended March 31, 2024. The Japanese publisher expects its annual revenue and profit to hit new record highs.

Capcom raises FY23 earnings outlook amid strong sales of Dragon's Dogma II and back catalog games

Dragon’s Dogma II

  • In a post on its official website, Capcom announced that it currently expects its full-year revenue/net sales to reach ¥152.4 billion ($979 million), up 8.9% from the previous forecast of ¥140 billion ($899 million).
  • Estimated operating profit increased by 1.8%, from ¥56 billion ($360 million) to ¥57 billion ($366 million).
  • The company also expects to reach a net income of ¥43.3 billion ($278 million), up 8.3% from the previous forecast of ¥40 billion ($257 million).
  • With the updated outlook, Capcom’s net sales and operating income are expected to grow 21% and 12% respectively.

Strong performance of its Digital Contents (video games) division became the main reason for the revision. Capcom noted that Dragon’s Dogma II, launched in the fourth quarter, “has performed favorably.” The game has sold over 2.5 million copies globally in just 11 days since its launch on March 22.

The publisher also cited strong sales of another FY23 release, Street Fighter 6, which has already sold over 3 million units globally.

In addition, sales also grew for back catalog titles in the Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and other series. “Altogether, this has led us to expect earnings for this business to exceed our plan,” Capcom noted.

The company’s earnings have been steadily growing for a while now. If the outlook comes true, FY23 will be the seventh consecutive year of record-high revenue and profit for Capcom.

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