Weekly sales of Fallout 4 in Europe increased by 7,500% after the release of the series

Fallout 4 topped the chart of the best-selling games in Europe in the last week, GamesIndustry reports, citing data from the GSD analytical platform. She managed to do this thanks to the premiere of the series from Amazon and large discounts.

Fallout 4

It is not reported how many copies of Fallout 4 were sold. But it is known that 69% of the weekly sales of the game were on the PC.

Note that Fallout 4 is now available for free to Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers, so the overall audience of the game should have grown even more.

Other games in the series also entered the chart: Fallout 76 took eighth place, Fallout: New Vegas — ninth place, Fallout 3 — tenth place, the Fallout Classic Collection — 43rd place, Fallout 2 — 57th place, and the first Fallout — 70th place.

Top 10 best-selling games in Europe over the past week:

1. Fallout 4;
2. Helldivers 2;
3. EA Sports FC 24;
4. GTA V;
5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3;
6. Red Dead Redemption 2;
7. Hogwarts Legacy;
8. Fallout 76;
9. Fallout: New Vegas;
10. Fallout 3.

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