The daily revenue of the mobile Fallout Shelter has grown to 80 thousand dollars

The popularity of the Fallout series has also spurred the revenue growth of the mobile version of Fallout Shelter. According to the analytical company Sensor Tower, thanks to the premiere of the TV show, the daily revenue of the game in the App Store and Google Play increased fourfold.

Fallout Shelter

If on April 10 — on the eve of the premiere of the series — Fallout Shelter earned 20 thousand dollars, then on April 13 its daily revenue reached 80 thousand dollars*.

Downloads have also increased. From 20 thousand to 60 thousand per day.

As a result, Fallout Shelter rose to seventh place in the top of the highest-grossing freeplay games in the American App Store. This is the highest position in the top that the game has occupied since June 2018.

*It is worth noting that the number of 80 thousand dollars is called by GamesIndustry journalists referring to Sensor Tower data. The graph, which is also provided in their article, shows that on April 13, the daily revenue of the game was 60 thousand dollars.

Data from the AppMagic service confirms the growth of Fallout Shelter's revenue. According to them, on April 10, the daily revenue of the game with IAP was $ 19.3 thousand, and on April 13 it increased to $ 69.9 thousand. This is after Bethesda has paid store commissions and taxes.

The dotted line is the downloads of the game, the solid line is the revenue of the game in the period from April 9 to April 13

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