In 2023, the revenue of the UK gaming market reached 7.82 billion pounds

The UK gaming market continues to grow, according to a report from the UKIE trade organization.

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  • According to the report, last year, UK residents spent a total of 7.82 billion pounds on video games, gaming hardware and entertainment content based on gaming IP (merch, movies, music, etc.). This is 4.4% more than in 2022.
  • Annual sales of video games amounted to 5.18 billion pounds. An annual growth of 4.1%.
  • The British spent the most on console games. Their sales reached 2.97 billion pounds. Of this amount, 2.48 billion pounds (+5.6%) went to digital publications, and 495 million pounds (-5%) went to physical publications.
  • Sales of PC games - 684 million pounds (+4.5%). The British spent 1.52 billion pounds on mobile games (+4.5%).

  • Sales of gaming hardware increased by 4.1% to 2.22 billion pounds.
  • Sales of consoles amounted to 951 million pounds (+12%), sales of gaming computers — 673 million pounds (-11%), sales of gaming accessories — 402 million pounds (+3%), and sales of VR headsets — 194 million pounds (+11%).

  • Revenue from entertainment content based on gaming IP amounted to 318 million pounds.

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