In 2018, one Valve employee accounted for more than 780 thousand dollars of the company's annual profit

A few years ago, Valve employees decided to calculate the commercial efficiency of the company in terms of the ratio of net profit per employee per year and hour. They found out that in 2018, Valve surpassed such technology giants as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in this indicator.

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The calculations of Valve employees surfaced among documents published during the trial between Valve and the studio Wolfire Games. Recall that Wolfire Games accuses Valve of monopolizing the PC store market.

Information about how much Valve earned in 2018 is hidden in court documents. Based on data from other companies, it is only clear that its net profit per employee exceeds $89 per hour and $780 thousand per year.

How were other companies doing?:

  • Facebook* — $89.09 per hour and $780,400 per year;
  • Apple — $54.36 per hour, $476,160 per year;
  • Netflix — $26.7 per hour, $233,857 per year;
  • Alphabet — $25.21 per hour, $220,823 per year;
  • Microsoft — $16.35 per hour, $143,259 per year;
  • Intel — $16.34 per hour, $143,141 per year;
  • Amazon — $1.81 per hour, $15,892 per year.

It is worth noting that Valve's staff is significantly smaller than those of the companies listed above. In 2018, it employed 350 people, whereas, for example, Amazon employed 560,000 people, and Apple employed 125,000 people.

*Owned by Meta. It is recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation, and its activities are prohibited in the country.

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