Scopely: revenue MONOPOLY GO! It has passed the $ 2 billion mark

This was announced on the official website of the company by Scopely CEO Javier Ferreira.

He also noted there:

  • The game has earned one out of two billion in the last three months;
  • MONOPOLY GO! It has been in development for more than seven years;
  • The DAU of the project is 10 million people;
  • Of these, 8 million play every day of the week;
  • total downloads of the game — more than 150 million;
  • The average player logs into the game more than three times a day;
  • the company invests only net revenue in additional marketing activity;
  • Scopely recouped marketing costs in the first six months of operating the game in weeks;
  • now the costs are paid off in less than 120 days;
  • The marketing budget of the game is currently less than 500 million dollars;
  • now the game development team has more than 150 people.

Recall that the company announced the achievement of revenue of one billion dollars in November last year. A little later, in December, some industry experts said that Scopely was most likely operating at a loss and estimated its marketing costs at one and a half billion dollars. At the same time, the developers of MONOPOLY GO! They rejected such statements and noted that their marketers are the best in the market and know how to buy advertising at low prices.

Since April 2023, Scopely, based in the United States, has been owned by Savvy Games Group, a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian Sovereign Wealth Fund (PIF). The developer of MONOPOLY GO! It was bought by the "Arabs" for $4.9 billion.

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