Sales of survival on the Forever Skies airship exceeded 150 thousand copies

Forever Skies is the debut game of the Polish studio Far From Home, founded by natives of Techland. The developers announced that it has reached a major new milestone seven and a half months after it was released for early access on Steam.

Forever Skies

The game was released on Steam on June 22, 2023. Three days later, Forever Skies overcame its first milestone of 50 thousand copies, a month later its sales rose to 100 thousand copies.

Far From Home expects that after the co-op mode is added to Forever Skies, sales of the game will grow significantly. In January, in a message to investors, the studio wrote that the question "When will the cooperative appear?" is one of the most frequently asked. In addition, a full-fledged release should boost sales, which will take place during 2024 on both PC and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

In January, the studio also reported that Forever Skies had collected more than 500 thousand vishlist.

Forever Skies currently has 3 thousand reviews on Steam, of which 88% are positive. According to SteamDB, at the start, the number of simultaneous players in the title reached 5 thousand people, but by today it has become significantly less. At the time of writing the news, Forever Skies online has 50 people.

The dynamics of Forever Skies online on Steam

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