Paradox Interactive Annual Report: Revenue Growth, Profit Drop and 1 million copies of Cities: Skylines II

Paradox Interactive has summed up the financial results of 2023. Below is the main thing from the report.

Cities: Skylines II

  • Paradox Interactive reported that its revenue grew by 34% compared to the previous year. It amounted to 2.64 billion Swedish kronor ($249 million) — this is a record.
  • Operating profit fell by 26% to 657.9 million Swedish kronor ($62 million).
  • The vast majority of Paradox Interactive's revenue came from the United States — 2.28 billion Swedish kronor ($215 million). In her native Sweden, Paradox Interactive earned 49.8 million Swedish kronor ($4.7 million).
  • PC games accounted for 83% of the company's revenue. They are followed by games for consoles (11.7%) and mobile devices (2.5%).
  • By the end of 2023, there were ten "active games" in the Paradox Interactive portfolio - projects for which new content is regularly released. These include games such as Cities: Skylines II, Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings III, Europa Universalis IV, Victoria 3, Stellaris and Age of Wonders 4. Their monthly active audience last year exceeded 6 million people.
  • Paradox Interactive reported that by December 31, the urban planning simulator Cities: Skylines II had sold over a million copies. Although the company is pleased with the sales of the game, it is upset that it did not meet the expectations of the audience and did not release it immediately on all platforms. Recall that players complain about serious performance problems and a lack of content.
  • Paradox Interactive currently has nine games in development.

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