Shares of China's NetDragon Websoft have risen in price after its CEO was appointed AI

In August last year, a virtual humanoid robot with artificial intelligence became the CEO of the Chinese developer of MMO games NetDragon Websoft. The unusual management reshuffle had a good effect on the company’s shares.

The Hustle publication noticed that for the last six months NetDragon Websoft shares have been consistently trading more expensive than the Hang Seng index, which tracks the shares of the largest companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Now they can be bought at a price of $2.04 apiece, which is 7% higher than it was before the appointment of AI as CEO.

Recall that NetDragon Websoft claimed that AI is the future of corporate management. The company instructed the robot to make decisions on risk management and deal with personnel matters.


The Hustle
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