Control's revenue since its release has exceeded €92 million, and sales — 3 million copies

The publisher Digital Bros told about this in the report for the half-year, which ended on December 31, 2022.

▪️Digital Bros revenue for the first half of the year amounted to €59.8 million (+8.1%).

▪️The company’s net profit increased by 5.7% to €10.98 million.

▪️76% of Digital Bros’ half-year revenue (€45.39 million) came from premium games. A year earlier, the share of revenue from them was 89%, but then the company began to pay more attention to the development of fritupley projects. In July-December 2022, they brought Digital Bros €12.45 million.

In addition to Control, the publisher revealed the indicators of a number of other games. The total revenue of the Puzzle Quest franchise reached €187.5 million (in the report, the income of this franchise is indicated in dollars and amounts to $200 million), Assetto Corsa — €104 million, and Gems of War — €33 million.

Digital Bros Report
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