Top 10 most downloaded hyper casual games for the second quarter of 2022

AppMagic analysts told which hyper-casual games were the most popular in the App Store and Google Play in the second quarter of 2022. This time, the first two places in the top went to Supersonic Studios projects at once.

According to analysts’ calculations, in April-June, hyper-casuals collected a total of 4.4 billion downloads. This is 10% more than last year

Let’s go directly to the top.

1. Bridge Race (55.6 million downloads)
The game, published by Supersonic Studios, regularly hits the AppMagic charts.

For example, it took the fifth place among hyper-games in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the sixth among all mobile games this June.

Recall that in Bridge Race, the user needs to build a bridge of colored bricks as quickly as possible and move to the other side.

2. Tall Man Run (49.5 million downloads)
Another Supersonic Studios project.

This is a variation of the runner, in which the user’s goal is to bring the highest and thickest character to the finish line.

3. Fill the Fridge (48.8 million downloads)

A puzzle game from Rollic Games, whose gameplay is inspired by TikTok. In it, the user must properly organize the refrigerator space and try to fit all the products on the shelves. According to AppMagic analysts, videos with a similar plot collect “millions” of likes in TikTok.

Fill the Fridge is the second highest earning c IAP game in the top. During the quarter, she earned $248.7 thousand (after deductions to stores and tax payments).

4. Race Master 3D (46.79 million downloads)

The racing simulator has been in the top for the third quarter in a row, steadily collecting more than 40 million downloads. It also became the highest-grossing project in the compilation. The quarterly revenue of Race Master 3D with IAP was $373.7 thousand.

The game was developed by Beresnev Games, and the publisher was SayGames.

5. Merge Master: Dinosaur Monster (39 million downloads)

The leader of the last quarter, Merge Master: Dinosaur Monster (then it was also called Merge Master — Dinosaur Fusion) dropped to fifth place in the hyper-casual rating.

Recall, this is a tactical arcade game from Homa Games. The user’s task is to assemble an army of warriors and dinosaurs, combining identical characters, and defeat the enemy.

6. Deliver It 3D (34.2 million downloads)

A runner released by Voodoo. Here the user tries on the role of a courier who needs to deliver parcels to the maximum number of customers without getting into an accident on the way. As analysts have noticed, the mechanics of Deliver It 3D resemble another Voodoo game — Left Turn!.

7. DOP 4: Draw One Part (33.7 million downloads)

At the end of last year, SayGames released a new puzzle in the DOP series. Now, as in the very first part, the user needs to finish drawing the missing details in order to get the right picture. In the second and third parts, the details should, on the contrary, be removed.

It is noteworthy that SayGames promoted the game mainly in India and Brazil. She also shot provocative ads in which, for example, the characters began to undress if they drew a fire in the fireplace.

8. Going Balls (31.6 million downloads)

The third game on the list, published by Supersonic Studios. During the quarter, it dropped from sixth place to eighth in the top, although this time it received more downloads (31.6 million vs. 29.5 million).

In Going Balls, the player has to control a ball that rushes down the hill. It must not be dropped from the slide, collecting coins and keys from the chests of awards on the way to the finish line.

9. Dessert DIY (30.3 million downloads)

Pastry chef simulator from CrazyLabs. The user plays as the owner of an ice cream parlor. He can prepare desserts in accordance with customer orders, and spend the money earned on the arrangement of a cafe.

According to AppMagic, the popularity of Dessert DIY could be influenced by ambiguous advertising. In some videos, celebrities like Kim Kardashian make ice cream from cockroaches and excrement.

10. Count Masters (27.8 million downloads)

The last line in the top ten most popular hypercazals went to the runner from FreePlay. In it, a crowd of low-poly little men must be led through an obstacle course.


In conclusion, AppMagic analysts pointed out the techniques that developers of successful hyper-casual games have now begun to resort to. There are three of them in total.

One of the techniques is borrowing mechanics from old projects. So did, for example, the authors of Deliver It 3D and DOP 4: Draw One Part. In addition, viral trends in TikTok are increasingly becoming a source of inspiration for developers (Fill the Fridge). The last, third, technique is a controversial advertisement that attracts the attention of potential users (DOP 4: Draw One Part and Dessert DIY).

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