New engine from Ludei

Yesterday, a new HTML5 engine called CAAT (Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit) was released, which, in theory, allows you to develop and publish games on the market as quickly as possible due to the availability of ready-made code fragments and a large number of libraries.

In other words, using CAAT, you will not need to program everything from scratch – the package includes a number of ready-made solutions.

The authors of CAAT from Ludei, who are also responsible for creating a game development platform for HTML5 – CocoonJS, call their engine, which is built on Javascript, a multi-stage scenographic manager that simplifies working with game objects, matrices, loops and scenes.

The source code of the new toolkit is open, so developers of both iOS and browser-based and multiplatform applications can modify it for themselves. The authors of the engine claim that CAAT is something like the final note in their set of HTML5 game development tools. The latter, by the way, also includes the already mentioned CocoonJS, the original monetization engine and a cloud compiler.

Tutorials, demos, as well as more specific information on how to use CAAT can be found here.

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