Cocos2D: Version 2.0 is available

The second version of the popular game engine for iOS has appeared. The v2.0 framework is available on the official website; briefly read about its main features below.

The following innovations were made in Cocos2D v2.0:

– support for OpenGL ES 2.0;

– improved physics engine support;

– improved support for DoubleResolution sprites;

– simplified code development for Retina;

– improved templates;

– fixed bugs.

The main disadvantage of version 2.0 is its incompatibility with the previous one. 

Cocos2D is probably the most popular open source engine for developing iOS games. It runs on top of Apple Xcode and is well suited for rapid prototyping and concept testing. According to the website, almost 4 thousand games have already been created on Cocos2D.

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