Unity 4 is coming soon

There is official information about the new version of the multiplatform Unity 4 engine. Among the main innovations are animation support, Linux, DirectX 11 and AAA rendering support. 

In their announcement made a couple of hours ago, the developers of the engine focused on the introduction of Mecanim technology in Unity, which is responsible for character animation. Thanks to this technology, as the authors of Unity assure, working with complex animation has become easier, and the ability to use one animation by a large number of characters has removed the load from the CPU. 

An important innovation was also the ability to publish an application made in Unity in a version for Adobe Flash Player, as well as support for the Linux engine. So now, if you are working with the Unity package, you can count on the fans of the penguin when publishing the game.

For many, one of the most significant innovations will definitely be the updated GUI, which in some ways now resembles the interface of graphic packages like After Effects with a clear structure and the presence of previews from the sources. 

Yes, the fourth Unity fully supports DirectX 11 up to the fifth version of shaders, and the engine also has support for AAA rendering.

The full list of innovations can be found here.

You can pre-order Unity 4 now

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