Unity is the most popular engine for mobile applications

According to a study conducted by Game Developer magazine, Unity is the most popular engine among mobile developers. More than half of the insiders interviewed by the magazine said that they use this package for development. 

To be more precise, 53.1% of the developers surveyed by the British magazine “sit” on Unity. Cocos2D is in second place in popularity with 17.7%, as for engines such as Marmalade and Corona, the two of them share third place: about 5.3% of the surveyed developers work with each of them. Yes, 39.8% of game creators in the survey said that they use original developments to develop applications. 

By the way, do not be surprised that the total number of percentages is more than a hundred. Some developers use several engines at once. 

Also, according to the answers received by the Game Developer, developers value the most in engines: fast development time, flexibility and extensibility, performance, extensive support and availability of documentation. Moreover, it turned out that it was important for developers that someone had already dealt with the engine before them. 

As for the popularity of platforms, then, quite predictably, iOS is in the first place with 94.6%, followed by Android with a serious lag – 70.7% of developers are interested in developing applications for this platform. Windows Phone is also surprisingly popular among developers – 8.8%. But few people like BlackBerry: only 2.7% of the surveyed developers noted their interest in it. Symbian and bada complete the list with 2% and 1.4%.  

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