RIM has introduced its engine

The creators of Blackberry last week launched their own cross-platform three-dimensional open source engine created for independent mobile game developers.

The engine is called Gameplay, it supports Blackberry 10, Playbook 2.0, iOS 5.1, Android 2.3+, Windows 7 and Mac OS X. It already has its own physics, particle system, animation, texture library with shaders, UI constructor and many others (a full list of features can be found here).

The release of the engine is connected with RIM’s desire to somehow attract game developers to its dying platform. Supporting most of the existing mobile OS, it is like a straw that Canadians cling to. If Gameplay attracted the attention of developers, it could, perhaps, according to the creators, become a new source of content on the platform. The engine can also be called RIM’s answer to the Unity team, which never added Blackberry support to its engine. 

The main interest now is Gameplay for independent developers who can’t even afford to purchase a license for the same Unity. 

As for the prospects, they are very vague in the engine. And he looks ugly.

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