Console developers will learn development from colleagues from the mobile market

Mobile games will have a huge impact on the industry of large console projects in the near future. Ultimately, everything will come to the point that developers of large projects will have to adopt the experience of those who work on mobile applications.

Carla Engelbrecht Fisher, a consultant on creating children’s games, is sure that many gamers who grew up playing f2p games on the iPad will soon switch to consoles. And developers should be ready for this right now. 

Fisher, who is also the president and founder of the children’s game studio No Crusts Interactive, notes that with the advent of a new generation of consoles, developers will quickly understand exactly what changes have occurred in the market in recent years and which games are in demand from now on. 

However, by and large, they should have already understood this, because thanks to the mobile market (and in some ways thanks to Steam), users are already getting used to the fact that the game cannot cost more than a few dollars, that many of them are generally free, easy to learn and do not require constant updates.  

By the way, the wide popularity of games on social networks has already contributed to the industry as a whole. Another thing is that she could not initially make such a serious impact as the mobile segment will have in the future, since the audiences of the social and hardcore markets almost did not overlap. 

In turn, consoles attract and will attract (but not select) an audience of players from the mobile segment. There are several reasons. According to Fisher, one of them lies in the fact that “consoles offer something that mobile devices cannot give, for example, a cooperative game, as well as a joint game on one device – the opportunity to play with parents or friends together in the same room.”

However, in order to really hook a mobile audience, the creators of hardcore games will have to learn a lot from the mobile industry. And one pricing policy is clearly not enough here.

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