Adobe stops working on Flash player for mobile devices

Danny Vinokur, vice president and CEO of Adobe, announced that the company has suspended work on a Flash player for mobile browsers and mobile OS.

Instead, Adobe plans to continue developing tools for developing applications that would be compatible with modern app stores, such as the Apple App Store, Android Market, etc. In addition, the company will direct a stream of investments in HTML 5 technology.

At the same time, current Android-based devices, as well as RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, will be able to count on support in the form of critical bug fixes. The company wants to give developers the opportunity to create mobile applications in the Adobe AIR environment.

This decision by Adobe can be called a moral victory for Apple, which, as you know, refused to support Flash in the mobile version of its Safari browser. In April 2010, Steve Jobs published an open letter “Thoughts on Flash”, in which he criticized Adobe’s technology. In support of his words, Jobs cited many arguments, including the results of tests that revealed the shortcomings of Flash – lack of stability, security and poor performance.

Over the years, Adobe has promised to solve these problems, but significant improvements have not occurred. Many users note that the work of Flash Player in mobile browsers, in particular, in the Android OS Internet browser, has never been called good.

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